THE inspiration of IF THE SEA LEVEL RISE IN FAMOUSE PAINTINGS comes from a photo taken by my friend after a rainstorm. In the photos, water is up to people's calves, but everyone is still going about their work and life. It made me think that if the climate continues to warm and sea levels rise, will this phenomenon become our daily life. However, I never like to warn others by serious preaching, which I think might make people instinctively resist, so I decided to make my work look humorous. I used a computer to draw this work and added some personal thoughts to the famous painting Mona Lisa in the manner of Duchamp, making the ‘Mona Lisa’ look as if it was about to be submerged. This work seems particularly absurd, but it expresses my concern about the climate issue. I want to show the audience that sea levels are actually rising faster than we think. If sea levels continue to rise, I think more and more beautiful things will be buried and eroded forever. If this problem is not addressed, anything beautiful you have ever known could disappear, just like the ‘Mona Lisa’.

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