As far as I am concerned, the sea is free and mysterious.I want to make a sea with joy and melancholy emotions. If you want to define the feeling of the sea, I would say it is soft, like a cloud, like a fog. It is so light, holding it with your hands, it will seize the opportunity to escape at a small gap; it is so heavy, it can flood the land, flood the city, and bury everything under it. So I put this sea in the air, and the gas emerging from the tall chimney turned into the sea, still soft and heavy. My work is usually accompanied by melancholic emotions. These emotions and the background music at work are the catalysts for my work, but in such despair, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. I really like the different feelings and feedbacks that different viewers have when they see the work due to their different life experiences and moods. I try to convey the information I want to people through the work, and look forward to the viewer’s own understand.

If people do not control the various sources of environmental crisis, then it is very likely to be submerged by the rising sea level.

I used houses, chimneys and water towers to represent cities and factories in cities.

The smog from the chimney will eventually become a rising sea, and submerge your homes, even to submerge yourself.

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