When I came into contact with the theme of climate crisis, various scenes of frequent natural disasters emerged in my mind. I try to imagine escaping from the natural environment destroyed by human beings and imagining that I can travel through time and space to a peaceful and beautiful place. So I tried to create some surrealist collages. When I create the collage "Run away", I tried to tell people that it is unrealistic to escape from the climate crisis. I wanted to pull the audience into a fantastic visual effect. Therefore, I exchanged the identities of animals and people, so that animals existed in the picture in the form of people, and in the design of character posture, it exists in a floating form. This unrealistic picture composition is used to stimulate the curiosity of the audience, and this unrealistic expression is used to tell people to face the climate crisis bravely. I want to create a sense of reality that can cause hallucinations, to see a strange and interesting scene that cannot be seen in real life, so as to make mankind escape from the order of the real world, produce the illusion that they can escape their immediate responsibilities, and trigger some thinking when facing the climate crisis. This may be the real charm of surrealist painting.

Run away

Global warming leads to frequent forest fires. How can we "escape"

Run away

Global warming leads to the melting of glaciers and the continuous rise of sea level, which makes us lose our homes. How can we "escape"

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