This is a temporary installation artwork, “a Funeral”. It looks like a farewell ritual for our earth mother. She is suffering from deforestation and desertification and dying due to climate crisis. Think about this question, If she dead. Who can live? I found deforestation and desertification are due to huge amounts of illegal industrial agriculture. It causes massive lack of water, then drought, huge voids beneath the surface, the earthquake. It’s just like the butterfly effect, you never know what is at the end.This is not the funeral for the earth mother, the truth is for all people. People eventually will pay the price for the destruction of the environment. I want to give people a chance to take an introspective thinking. Think about the cause and effect. My other artworks have been exhibited several times in Shanghai. I found lots of people stopped to stand in front of them and think. That’s my purpose, even a small thought threads their mind. I think small ideas multiplied by millions of people can transform actions.

deforestation and desertificaiton

all the soil are gone on the earth, left sands and dry leaves

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