The title is Coral bleaching icon. There is a challenge for to make a logo which is abstract instead of true-life. For this artwork, I try to turn detailed objects into sketchy images, and incorporated the theme of environmental protection into it. I hope that when people see this sign, they will immediately recognize that it is related to coral conservation, and that it will inspire people to understand and protect coral ecosystems. It can warns people do not always force on the damage on land, also take care the ocean ecosystem which is an important part of the Earth. Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases now, the earth would still have some heating effect. That's enough to make corals around the world frequently turn white. During the research, I found there are many icon or logo in our daily life about protecting the environment but most of them is about save energy, reduce pollution, or recycling. So I plan to use the coral bleaching and puzzle as elements to make a logo. Because the logo on the daily product or advertisement is an effective way to notice people the importance of coral ecosystem.

logo for coral bleaching

The images of how I design this logo

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