In July 2021, a once-in-a-millennium flood hit China’s Henan Province, people inflicting massive death, damage, and property destruction. This flood inspired me a lot, I found that the climate crisis is greatly caused by human activities, which would increase carbon emissions especially carbon dioxide. As the quantity and use of cars increases, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions rise, increasing the risk of extreme weather such as floods. However, even if most individuals are advocated for green commuting, they might not realise that what they consider to be the most convenient mode of transportation would contributes to the climate crisis and are unaware of its importance. Therefore, in my poster, I showed how driving a car emits a lot of CO2 and cause flooding, resulting in our environments being flooded and ruined to convey the reason and terrible consequence of the climate crisis. Hoping to use visual stimuli to arouse people’s empathy for the climate crisis to raise their awareness to actively reduce carbon emissions.

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