Many years from now, humans will no longer be able to breathe freely due to high levels of pollution and extreme weather, and humans will be dependent on machines to survive. I wanted to express the playfulness and beauty of a young girl, which in my work represents beauty and vitality. Many classical artists liked to use the maiden as a representation of beauty´╝îand so do I. And this is in contrast to the oxygen masks, the catheters, the cold machinery, the imprisoned bodies and the computer connected to the girl which is used to detect vital data. But all the beauties, to which mankind look for, will no longer exist as the climate crisis is destroying our living environment. Look around, seas are rising and oceans are acidifying, glaciers are melting and corals are bleaching, droughts are spreading and wildfires are burning, deserts are expanding and access to water is dwindling, heatwaves are scorching and natural disasters are multiplying, storms everywhere are more intense, more frequent, more deadly.The girl was captive by the machines, like humans was captive by the nature.

The captive girl


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