Digital illustration iPad, Apple pencil, Procreate For this project, I came up with a mascot character with an image of environmental issues. I thought the character would be easy to catch people's attention. I dared to make a character about the environmental problem itself. I thought it would be interesting if the initially cute character became an enemy of humans. And environmental problems are not caused by someone evil, but by all humans living in modern civilization. I thought it's interesting if I create a symbol of environmental problems that bare their fangs at "us". The inspiration for this work is an old Japanese belief. It says that spirits reside in everything. As our lives have become more modernized, people have lost this awareness. Nature cannot talk to us. Still, what we do to them will come back to us later. In this character design, it is important to know immediately what the design represents. I looked at pictures of the natural environment polluted by humans and tried to figure out how to make people understand that it symbolizes them. This is a work that is enjoyable, but also provides an opportunity to think about environmental issues.

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