The name of my work call Wondering, and the art form is oil stick painting. In the painting, there is a burned man walking in the fired forest. The man looks like wants to find a place but doesn’t know where to go. Abnormal high temperature, greatly insufficient precipitation in the rain season, dry farmland, and early ripe tropical fruits are easy to be noticed by every citizen who lives in Guangzhou. When I try to figure out why this is happening, the frequent forest fires in last year come into my mind because the rainfall is sharply decreasing and the temperature keeps increasing in recent years. The higher and higher frequency and larger scale of wildfires mean that our planet is getting hotter and drier than before. Maybe, in the near future, all the human will experience the same disasters which animals are facing in the fire forest. If someday in the future, we are no longer the audience of the disaster and become one of the sufferers. Where can we go? How can we be saved?

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