My artwork for the project is ‘Crisis reminder tags’. Their aim is to exist with fashion garments in fashion retail industry. These are 3D objects made by edited photographs, cardboards, strings. Today, fashion industry generates too many harmful things caused climate crisis. Although, there were nice and friendly words and sentences related to caring for our environment, such as ‘Eco-friendly fashion’, ‘Sustainable fashion’ and ‘Organic fashion’… I thought that it was not enough to lead people think about current level of environmental problem and climate crisis caused by fashion. So, I decided to make much intensive and aggressive message through my artwork to let people know about our problem much clearer. These tags have visualized warning about current climate crisis problem from fashion industry and aggressive texts of message to fashion consumers, so that they could have the awareness about our environmental problem and think of the way to improve it. This project could be regarded as ‘Anti Fashion’ because this might make people hesitate or even stop to consume fashion. But I strongly believed that from macro perspective for our planet, for next generation in the future, this kind of action is obligation.

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