Climate disasters are inextricably linked to the climate crisis.I chose three climate disasters: the 2020 Australian wildfires.2019 Texas Snow Storm, 2021 Henan Flood, and using their news photos to make images to impress more people with the climate disaster. Three natural disasters correspond to three collage artworks. "Grey Kangaroo", which is no doubt the protagonist, is in the center of the stage with all eyes staring at it. It is a collection of catastrophic meanings, it symbolizes pain, ashes clay and wire form its body. The red curtain behind it was dazzling, the color of the flame. "Heart" was inspired by the 2020 Texas snow storm that caused severe traffic stagnation. The red light symbolizes stagnation, but it also becomes the heart of a whale. The flood in Henan was a disaster that I felt the most, and I removed the significance of these news photos and images. "What else do we have when the water has submerged everything" is a question I throw to the audience, and everyone may have a different understanding. For me, these images are not the end of the project. Combining with business is a great way if I want to promote them. These images may appear on a variety of everyday items, and these disasters are worth remembering.

What else do we have when the water has submerged everything


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