Carbon emissions from human behavior have led to global warming and sea level rise.There is no suitable solution for the time being. If human beings need to live in underground settings or heavy bunkers with artificial light sources for a long time, they can easily cause physical and mental health problems, such as mental depression, visual impairment and scattered attention. I discovered that it’s possible that sea level will rise and our land will be some submerged so this is the problem. Therefore, the idea behind my concept is to envision what it would be like in the future if human had no place but to live in the oceans. The limitation of sunlight is a hindrance for humans to live in the sea. My design focusses on helping human beings live safely on the bottom of the sea. It tries to simulate solar light and takes comfort into account. People no longer live on high buildings on land, but in the sea. I hope that living in the sea through this device is not a way of refuge in the future, but a place for the sea to live.

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