I magnify the details of the environment to trigger people's thinking and give people room for imagination. In the process of making the texture, I also feel the loneliness and despair that the fire brings to everything around me. You can carefully observe its mottled and broken texture. The white color may be broken grass ash, and there may be burnt tree stumps and mottled walls next to it. Gray is like smoke after the fire is extinguished. Although you can't see what it is, you know that this is something has disappeared. I am not literally painting specific content, but the emotion it produces upon me, exploring how to express my own emotions with these fabrics, and people's regret and loneliness for the disappearance of life. You can touch it with your hands and feel its rough surface, like bark and leaves shattered by fire. You can also smell the fabric and paper scorched by the fire. This work is like a warning. You look at them as if you are in somewhere after the fire´╝îwhich is an uneasy and negative influence on the soul.

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