Every morning, as my alarm is blaring and I’m slowly coming to consciousness of where I am, I record my dreams in a journal. With it being so fresh in my mind, I always remember them feeling so real and the images so vivid, and carrying those emotions I felt in the dream throughout the rest of the morning. Through this practice, I was led to finding the beauty and significance of dreaming. I started by questioning dreaming as a whole: Who are dreams for? Who creates them? What is the point? By searching different avenues of questions, I have realised how dreams are like a production for yourself, created by yourself; similar to a theatre play where you are the director as well as the audience. Once viewing dreams through this lens, I let my creativity and imagination take over for the rest of the project. I set out to create my own dream world and through artwork, answering the question: If I were to create a dream for myself, what would it look like? By using colourful, fluid shapes and textures through oil pastels and paint, I took inspiration from my dream world to create beautiful textiles and designs, well-suited for being worn in a dream.

A Dreams Picture Production

If you were to create a dream, what would it look like?

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