My project was inspired by the concept of 'Play'. This derived from my visit to the Tate Modern at the start of this project. The COBRA movement, particularly Karel Appel's expressive and child-like style became a point of inspiration for my project. Play was an important aspect to the Experimental Process brief- as we were encouraged to smash and clash ideas together, and to learn through a process of making and trying. I grew from my practical mistakes in the studio, and was able to solve problems and figure out another method. My designs are child-like, focused on fun figures and abstracted plates of food. I used mixed media to paint and draw my ideas, and then translated them into stencils.

A Sketchbook Research Page

My Response to Karel Appel's (1949) 'Questioning Children'.

Responding to Initial Inspiration

Colour Board

This evolved throughout my project- I added colours along the way as I developed.

Development and Experimentation

A printed sample folded on top of my drawings- combining potential prints.


Photocopier Experiments

I used the photocopier to quickly produce lots of print ideas. I could enlarge the scale, and combine drawings/prints together by overlaying them. This was a particularly fun and colourful experiment from the photocopier.

Cut-and-Stick Illustration

Photocopied print and oil pastel.

Fashion Illustration and Print

Developing the illustration above, I used acrylics and felt tip pen to finalise the design. This is next to the print.

Fashion Illustration

Quilted dress- a patchwork of print designs

Fashion Illustrations

Mixed media: oil pastel, acrylic and felt tip pen.

Fashion Illustrations and Print

These are very Marni-inspired designs in my interpretation- influenced by my market research into the brand. This is because of the shapes and the fit of the looser garments- referencing the SS22 collection.

Salmon Print

Inspired by dinners made by my Dad, I simplified the shapes of the food and made this abstracted print.

Fashion Illustration

This print was made by blocking off the salmon print stencil. This is a quilted coat with bow ties- made from a red jersey material.

A Collage of a Final Few

A few of my final samples, collages together like a mini collection.

Mini Collection

These three prints work well as a mini collection of prints- they could be styled in garment designs together. The cobalt blue looks striking next to the bright mandarin orange and yellow.

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