This project is inspired by South Africa and South Asia couture discovered in V&A museum and decorative arts from book and the exhibition called ‘The Waste’ in the Design Museum. I was interested in the florals and patterns from the decorative art, as well as the texture of the waste. I took some primary research as well. I took pictures, did some colleges and doodles to pick up some elements from my research, then I brought the elements together to make some designs. After that, I used some unconventional materials to make some 3D works. Then I used different techniques to make many fabric samples to express some of my design. Colour pallets are also made during the process. It really attracted me when I learnt tie-dye, making my own yarn and crochet by myself. Machine- made and hand-made embroideries learnt from school are also very useful. I mixed different techniques together to make the final samples, and took photos of the samples on the body as well.

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