Entry for the Worshipful Company of Gloves competition designing gloves for two briefs categories in 2022. The design for the first brief, 'Gloves Fit for the Queen', won the design award for this category. The design was based on the flowers of the Queens Coronation Bouquet, and the flowers which have featured throughout her reign. The glove design features hand embroidered on silk organza outer with a platinum coloured duchess satin under layer. The second design category brief was based on Mythology. I designed a glove based on Mimi and the Rainbow Serpent. This is a story from my childhood, shared by the Indigenous people of Australia. The glove features a design based on this story, featuring the Rainbow Serpent and sun inspired design on a moleskin fabric glove.

Glove Design

'Glove Fit for the Queen' category design entry.

Floral Element

Hand embroidery design on silk organza.

Crown Element

Hand embroidery design on silk organza.

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