Final design

By: Palette

Grayson's Robe 2019

Portfolio by Palette Chen


Find out what he likes

Key words/ elements

Design Scenario said by Grayson Perry

Grayson's work

Taking inspirations of his bright and colorful palette

Head piece inspirations

Grayson said he wanted a glamorous crown or head piece.

Make up inspirations

I know he likes distinctive make up (especially eyes)

Lolita fashion inspiration

Cute and eye-catching

Shoes design inspiration

Something he might likes to consider to match with the robe.

Design element inspirations

Light and soft fabrics for the hot summer

Design sketch and model inspirations

First time drawing fashion design, these helps me to draw my ideas.

First and second attempt to draw fashion design

I didn't really like them....

Colour palette inspirations

Tranquil and refreshing colours for the hottest time of the year.

Colour palette and style ideas

I love the mixture of blue, purple, pink and yellow.

Fabric references

I looked through all the fabrics in CSM which maybe suitable to use for my design.


Soft, light, colourful, reflective surface, and comfort is the key.

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