Damocles is an interactive installation. Using sound and images, it critiques the dangers of war and nuclear weapons from the perspective of a post-nuclear war survivor. Located in Hackney, East London, this project seeks to inspire more young millennials to think about the world they live in. Many people talk about nuclear war like they do about dinosaurs, a relic from the past. Data shows millennials are nervous about their future, with most believing there will be a third world war in their lifetime, and more than half believing nuclear weapons could be used somewhere in the world in the next ten years. The peace of our time has been hard won and short lived. Damocles engages the visitor directly with the perils of the nuclear threat and the benefits of a peaceful society.

Audience looking at the poster

Charles is looking at the set of posters. They consist of elements of the nuclear threat.

"The Survivors 1"

When the sensors catch someone entering the "survivor's" eyes will light up. And the eyes will follow the stranger.

"The Survivors 2"

When one touches the body of a 'survivor'. He will share a nuclear memory with you.

"The Survivors 3"

This 'survivor' tries to warn us about the dangers of radiation. Don't be exposed to radiation!

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