Working exclusively with photographic hand printing darkroom processes, I relate my practice to cameraless photography. In my work I explore materials used in darkroom photography: light sensitive photo paper and photochemistry, photography waste, etc. Recently, I started collaborating with darkrooms in London - I collect their “photo waste'' to create work with it, calling attention to the sustainability of the lab processes. “Queering” the notion of the photographic, I make my work in and out of the darkroom. My main areas of interest are-queerness, binaries, mental health; science of the mind, the subconscious, phenomenology of perception and linguistics.


Silver gelatin print (light sensitive photo paper) , drying hooks; dimensions vary

Photographic object 10,2022

Film backing paper (Kodak-c41), staples, wooden board ;dimensions vary

Photographic object 67, 2022

Silver gelatin print (light sensitive photo paper), photographic chemistry , mixed media; dimensions vary


Epoxy cast of photographic developing tray on custom steel stands; 10x8 inches

Photographic object, 2022

Silver gelatin print (light sensitive photo paper); flag pole dimensions vary

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