CECILE BOUSSELAT Reliques a porter. My collection echoes to the bizarre objects that I collected in my hometown flea market. It was the only place open during the pandemic and became my very own memory palace. I went there to look at objects that people were selling, giving away full of their own memories, I escaped in this surreal atmosphere every week, where Old and new combines. My flaneries generated phenomenological ideas of strange, glass-like sharply cut designs. I became obsessed with the idea of finding beautiful objects by pure coincidence. finding them and then reclaiming their meaning and “past life”, as a group on unanimated friends decorating my home. I focused on creating shapes that could be seen at every angle smoothly, evocative again of strange objects or vases from Lalique, Galle, and others. The strange combination of these very refined objects and the subcultural hub that the market became through the years, was what I aimed to discuss in my collection.

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