Looking at the past, present and future of female identity, this project aims to challenge representations of the female body in the digital realm. In collaboration with artificial intelligence, I took inspiration from a generative adversarial network (GAN) experiment I conducted using virtual bodies; reimagining the female body through a cybernetic lens. Intending for my audience to re-evaluate their perceptions and aesthetics of the human body, this project exhibits the opportunity for digital identity to become multidimensional, inclusive, and constantly shapeshifting.

Digital Identity: Posthumanism

The topic of this project was the exploration of artificial life through experimenting with post-humanism. These 3D avatars have been developed from inspiration of a GAN experiment I did with virtual bodies. The output data showed blurred shapes of human anthropometry but it was the movement of the bodies morphing into one and other I was interested in. I took this movement developed from AI and integrated it into my 3D work - keyframing the character bodies to shapeshift into different proportions. My intention for this was to allow my audience to re-evaluate their own perceptions and aesthetics of the human body.

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