On one normal and rainy day, Sara sits in her office as well as doing ordinary paperwork as usual. When she is ready to leave, her boss shows up and gives her extra work, so she has to stay in the office until 9:00 pm. On her way back home, Sara faces a series of annoyed people underground such as snoring Mr pig and walking fish. As the Fishes flood into the carriage, Sara is kicked out of the tube and smashed heavily on the ground. After experiencing a bunch of miserable things´╝î she finally gets back home and takes a bottle of beer from the refrigerator to take a rest. Then Sara suddenly falls into a dream and sees a butterfly rescuing her from the dark sea. The butterfly takes her to see the universe of happiness with many floating planets which shows every joyful moment in her life. After seeing the happy moment in her life, Sara feels happy and forgets all the sad things that happened in the daytime. In the morning, She wakes up from the dream in a delightful mood to face another day.


After experiencing a series of terrible things after work , Sara feels extremely sad and sees gloomy dream about falling down to the deep ocean. A butterfly rescues her from the dream and gives her brave and delightful mood to face new life.

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