In this project, the brief was to be inspired by an aspect of London's history. I began my journey at the Barbican museum where I discovered this idea of "Aftermath" because of the old war wall remnants present there. This directed me to explore texture, shapes and forms. Initially I was focusing on creating a 3D feel to my work but then I explored different layering techniques and soon realised the importance of color. While I was experimenting with different materials, I became aware of the potential for being sustainable within my work. This has led me to challenge myself to find innovative ways to implement sustainability and creativity within my practice.


Initial research began at the Barbican


Tate Gallery - Art research and exploration


Research continued via books- looking at surfaces and wondered how to create this raised "lumpy" appearance

Sustainability research and initial sample body placements

I've really begun to see the importance of being sustainable within my work while maintaining and cultivating my creativity! There are many young designers out there who are currently challenging the status quo business model and their work inspires me to do the same!

Samples on body work

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