Have you ever heard of "Hidden Victims"? It is a concept made by myself. The word "hidden" denotes silent, helpless, and alone, while "victims" represent sufferers in crime events. Thus, Hidden Victims can be identified as a group of crime victims who cannot, are not allowed, or refused to get help. There are many silent victims in modern China. For instance, in 2020, 1,881 victims suffered from rape; 80% of them did not report to the police (Love Matters China, 2019). Being a design student, I want to use visual language to echo their voices and ask for help for them. At the same time, I intend to promote their stories to the public, particularly young adults, because they have the potential and motivation to improve our world. I want my audiences to spare some time to care about them and the pertinent problems in our society.

Motion-Graphic Posters_At the hidden corner, word need to be out

The first step in solving a problem is to recognize its existence. An exhibition can do a brilliant job to record, promote, and bring empathy. So I decided to create an exhibition called “At the hidden corner, word needs to be out.” to achieve such a goal. The exhibition aims to promote stories about Hidden Victims in modern China. It provided a safe and respectful channel for Hidden Victims to express and share. whilst being a promotional material to increase public awareness of their plight. The exhibition's name was inspired by "Word Is Out: Stories of Some of Our Lives (Chris Glaser, 1977)", a documentary about daily reflections on the LGBT community. While the documentary focused on a group of minorities, my project aims at another category. Generally, me and other designers made a printed publication alongside with three posters as final outcomes. The publication includes 30 victims, 11 cases, 3 types of crimes. All crime events in the exhibition were classified to violence, sex assault and fraud. As a visual designer, I collected the most typical three as the main elements for the posters design. Each object was coloured with one single colour and represented one crime category.

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