Inspired by the Irish civil rights movement in the 1970s-80s in the North Of Ireland, it takes us into the journey of that pivotal era. The print covering the shoe is comprised of poignant images of the Irish Civil Rights movement, merged together and printed on silk. A delicate fabric to symbolise a delicate political climate. One shoe, a real plastic bullet that was shot during 'The Troubles' and on the other shoe, a cast of a hand hanging limp. This is to show the juxtaposition, that even though the protesters were unarmed, they were still met with violence. Plastic bullets were invented by The British State to use against Irish Catholic protestors in 1973, before then it was just real bullets. The limpness of the hand is an ode to the innocent civilians murdered for protesting their civil rights. Civil Rights such as: -The right to vote -The Right to own housing -The Right to have jobs -The Right to fair housing allocation -The Right to be treated equally and human in their own country.

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