This shoe is inspired by my experience growing up in Belfast as a young adult and child of the ceasefire. I feel Belfast's default setting is on riot, due to a number of factors. The political nature is fragile as is peace. People are hyper sensitive due to this. People inherently distrust those who enact powers due to collusion between state and paramilitaries so it creates an unspoken tension. However it is the youth that take it to the streets. This is why I choose Nike Airmax, as it is to depict the youths. One shoe shows the aftermath of a riot and the other shoe shows the process of what happens during a riot. One shoe is burnt out, with broken pieces of glass and debris. The other shoe is covered in paint to depict paint bombs. It has a petrol bomb on the toe box of the shoe, as I feel it is very unique to Belfast. A riot is language of the unheard, and there is a lot of angry and voiceless youths dealing with the trauma of growing up in a broken, fragile segregated sectarian society.

Walk a Mile in my shoes : Riot

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