Stars, Atoms and Cellular Structures is a film that explores the formal connection between the “macro” and the “micro”, especially the way human imagination is stimulated by watching this installation film. The pieces I did were two sculptures made of wood and white cardstock material and I projected the film on them. This works expresses my interest in the spiritual and scientific aspects of the human imagination. It also refers to the structure of atoms and cells in physics textbooks. In other words, the geometric effects in the works are expressing the formal similarity between the largest and smallest elements in the natural universe. I try to connect the macro- and micro-world in this way, adding another veil of imagination. This model is related to the expanding and compressing structure of the universe. I am using projection mapping to create a kaleidoscope animation onto two sculptures. LED strip lights were also placed inside each polyhedron; the light leaks out of the triangular cracks of the polyhedron, twinkling like stars. Every polyhedron in a galaxy can be thought of as a cosmic object, whose perfect proportion constitutes a silent galaxy motion. The kaleidoscope animation and colorful light in geometric sculpture can all be described by the word “flow”. However, the tendencies of the “flow” are different and so are the techniques used. One is a change in the form of animation, and the other is a gradual change in the colour of the light. In an expressive sense, the whole nature is in motion, so “flow” is easily associated with flowing stars, etc. I choose constellations as the subject of my creations because they have one characteristic in common - the “flow”. The sound setting that matches my film is the sound in the space combined with birds and human voice speaking about the colors of the stars and the pleated movement of the universe.

Kaleidoscope animation

Kaleidoscope animation features a strong contrast between cold and warm colors, in which, warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow show a sense of excitement, liveliness, youth, and vigor, while colors such as green, blue, and purple calm people down. The kinetic sculptures are constantly presented in many different ways of color combinations with the lights and animations continuously alternated. These repetitive elements and structures create a dreamlike experience.

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