African art is prove of an advanced civilization dated centuries ago and it proves that we have one of the greatest cultures in the world. African art is made in Africa, and they have deep complicated meaning and history. Many of these arts and carvings have a secret purpose designed to be used for spiritual rituals and dances, honouring the dead and have an ancestral meaning and representation. The African culture is rich in heritage and hold a lot of cultural values. According to ancient study, civilization started in Africa and over the years, Africa culture has made its stamp all over the world and in the fashion industry. Fashion is and should be an expression of our times, our culture, heritage, and freedom to express it. The concept of my work is connected to my origin and root. As a British-Nigerian, it is important to showcase the rich cultural heritage and representation of the African culture and its aesthetics. The “Hidden treasures” collection is greatly influenced by the African culture exploring the African masks and artifacts. Masks are highly stylized because African cultures distinguish between the outer look of something and its essence. These masks are made to represent an abstract subject which explains symbolization. The concept of this research is infused with each design by analysing the details, components, movement elements and prints by bringing the cultural aspect and beauty into limelight, uncovering these masks to reveal realism, and interpreting the craftmanship behind each mask with the use of lines, shapes, cut, and exaggerated silhouette producing a wearable contemporary and modern collection.

Research and development

research on masks

Research page

research on weavers from west Africa

Research and development

design implementation and research page

Research on mating

showing different methods of mating using cords

Resist dye

How resist dye is done

Resist dye and pattern making

Hand made process of making resist dye fabrics

Design development page

showing different design ideas

Research on elephant ear mask and design ides

design inspiration and design ideas

Research process on mating

research process and development on making the blazer

Design ideas

Design ideas for look 1

Design process

Design process of making the wing dress

Design idea and design process

process of making the second look

Design idea

Design idea inspired by the kakawa mask

Look 1 woven blazer and skirt suit

presentation sheet

look 2 mask face top and culotte

presentation sheet

look 3 Dress top and ankle tie trousers

presentation sheet

look 4 Tweed cut out suit and batik top

presentation sheet

Mask face woven dress look 5

presentation sheet

wing dress and bolero look 6

Presentation sheet

Design ideas and design development

showing different designs ideas inspired by the mask

Range plan

range plan

Range plan

Range plan

Range plan

Range plan

Range plan

Range plan

Line up

Line up of design

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