“Perfection “the state and quality being perfect. (Oxford languages dictionary) This project is answering the question: “what is perfection” The answer being “there are no perfection in the world” Anything that looks perfect is not perfect if we see closely. I am talking about this point in my project. I manly worked on flowers which is synonymous with beauty and human body and face. The key words are ‘prejudice’, ‘discrimination’ and ‘judgement’.I started here. The acceptance of diversity and culture is still a big challenge in Korea. In addition, it was still considered too common to practice gender discrimination, racism, and hatred of the disabled. I thought what "perfection" we wanted was what form we should have not to be discriminated against ourselves. The answer I gave was "There are no answers," and we're saying that we're the people regardless of shape. So, I distorted and broke objects and people, breaking the perfect form by spilling and spraying. But we still know the properties of the object.We can still tell even when it withers, dries, and twists. I drew and took pictures of flowers in various to show this.

mood board

Graphic print design

Garment design development

Garment design development

Screen print development

AVA / large scale design

Final Illustrations

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