In recent years, In recent years, with more and more frequent occurrences of natural disasters, some phenomena have gradually intensified, such as sea level rise, global warming, abnormal temperature and so on. So what are the reasons for these? I think destruction by Human must be one of the reasons. Moreover, I think these climate crises will also cause the planet to enter an ice age sooner. Therefore, I decide the "Ice Age" as the theme of this work. I found inspiration pictures related to this narrative through from the magazine and made it into a mood-board, which is an emotional version of the overall image. Furthermore, I chose a transparent material for the work, such as plastic sheet and nylon mesh, which are recyclable. After that, I cut these two materials into the shape of water droplets, and put some elements or pictures into the droplets, each of them symbolizes a different meaning. 1. Cotton - dark cloud - abnormal climate 2. Garbage - pollution. 3. A lot of people - overloaded 4. Many hands - man-made destruction of the earth 5. Mesh and blue fabric - sea level rises 6. White wax particles - iceberg melting

mind map

drops meaning

creating process

the theme and mood-board

Ice age

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