A cotton T-shirt requires 2700 liters of water to produce; more than 150 million trees have been cut down to make clothes; 100 billion new garments are produced from manmade fibers each year, many of which soon ends up in landfills, creating a huge carbon footprint; it takes 20 to 200 years to degrade the polyester. After reading these frightening figures, I was deep in thought. As an individual, one frequently feels powerless in the face of a global disaster. However, similar to the butterfly effect, someone must be the first butterfly to shake its wings before it can drive change in a group or an entire industry. When I was faced with a stack of clothing to be thrown away, I decided to create something that I would see frequently and be reminded to buy wisely in the future, such as purchasing sustainable fashion. I didn't buy anything new while making it, instead using all waste as material to avoid producing more carbon emissions. It eventually evolved into a container that can be used as both a storage container and a vase.

Change starts with me


Change starts with me


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