The work focuses on the fate of innocent people and their loved ones in today's climate crisis, and I was touched by the deaths of people trapped in the underground during the 2021 Zhengzhou rainstorm, who were never to see their loved ones again, and by the film ‘The Weeping Meadow’, in which a couple is separated by war and the wife gives her husband her unfinished scarf before he leaves.I was inspired by this film and I decided to use the red scarf as main imagery for the piece,which is an electronic hand-drawn painting depicting a rainstorm. The flooding, clouds and rainstorm recreate the scene, with the underground station acting as a dividing point, separating the father in the painting from his daughter in the red scarf, also to show the dislocation of time and space. Through this painting I also want to convey to the public the insignificance of human beings in the face of weather disasters, and I also hope that more and more people will make an effort to reduce global warming, which is in fact a kindness to ourselves.

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