I decided on coral as the concept for this design primarily because I watched the Discovery Channel programme Discovering the Coral Sea a few weeks ago, in which the main protagonists and their group discover and protect coral. The documentary made me feel the beauty of coral. At the same time, I felt sad and sorry for the extinction of coral due to climate change, so I decided to use coral as a starting point to design and recreate the beauty of coral using CG and geometric language. I hope people would feel the love in it and be able to associate it with the idea of preserving the climate and the environment. I tried to depict them in sketches and found that this seemingly chaotic but orderly creature could be described geometrically. I copied and abstracted the main features of the coral, extracting the main curves and redesigning them. Then, I modelled the abstracted geometric patterns parametrically, using textures and functions to give them a more orderly appearance. In this step, I spent a lot of time dealing with the model parameters, rendering and animating the logic, and ultimately wanted to express the geometric beauty of the coral.

about climate crisis


design process


final renderings

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