With the rapid development of the internet and logistics, more and more people are getting used to shopping online. At the same time the rise of live shopping, where prices are often lower than market prices, has led to consumers becoming increasingly addicted to online shopping. This has led to a dramatic increase in the number of deliveries, and with it, a large amount of packaging waste that is not effectively handled. I have been collecting my family and friends’ delivery labels for these two weeks, I made a collage about it on cardboard(100*50cm). I have drawn some exclamation marks, on the one hand, I wanted to cover the private information, on the other hand, I wanted to draw attention to it and give people a warning. Each label represents one delivery, so it could see very clearly the number of my family and friends have bought recently.I hope to warn people about the flood of delivery and plastic waste and I want people to feel that we do buy too many deliveries and the waste this produces is a real threat to the environment!

The flood Delivery



The climate crisis, which used to be called global warming, then it was called climate change and now it is called the climate crisis. It is an issue that needs strong attention these years. Although we have viewed a lot of lectures and science on environmental protection, global warming, and the climate crisis, we are still doing our own thing and people around me are not doing anything for environmental protection. After my reflection, I think it boils down to the fact that there has not been any change in people's thinking and awareness, and they think that the climate issue is far away from us. I have been considering how the little things in life can be combined with the climate crisis in a way that is more thought-provoking.

The title of my work is the flood of delivery. My main idea is environmental pollution and the resulting carbon emissions from large volumes of delivery waste are accelerating the climate crisis. Although I found out about the amount of delivery waste in 2020 in my research, I still could not imagine it because the numbers were so large that I had no idea. This made me start considering how I could visualize the huge amount of couriers in a clear perspective. The topic of the climate crisis also includes environmental protection, and I thought I should complete my work by using some recycled materials, so I went straight to ready-made, even rubbish, to complete my work, instead of spending money on some new materials. Therefore, I'm relatively satisfied with the choice of materials.

My whole process, from inspiration to research to exploration, has been very smooth. The difficulty I faced in doing this work was that I was not able to collect enough delivery notes. Because usually we get the delivery and throw the packaging away, we do not leave it at home. So there are other notes I was not able to collect. And now is not during the most influential shopping festival in China, otherwise, I can collect more. Finally, I could only reduce the size of the collage and the dimensions are 100 by 50 cm.

In conclusion, the size of this work did not achieve my original expectations., but I am basically satisfied with the final effect. It is the first time I have done a collage with materials that could be described as rubbish. In terms of the theme of the project, my previous work has always been closely related to my personal experiences, but this is a much bigger, global, hot topic. Secondly, this is the first time I have done a collage of this size, which has inspired me to do something different, perhaps a different psychological experience with a larger work. It also gave me a new perspective for my illustration research, which I think I can explore further during my postgraduate studies at UAL.

Reflective Statement

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