When you glance at her, you see that she has her back to you and appears to be going away from you towards the decaying natural problem in the background. When you gaze at her, she looks back at you, and her deep eyes appear to reproach you expecting you to shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection. When you look at her, her torn face appears to foretell the future. As you can see, the monochrome background highlights the harm that the fashion industry has caused to the earth. On the other hand, the two figures in the front are clothed in eye-catching outfits that represent the glamour of fashion. Through the obvious contrast between the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry and the dark and dangerous environmental issues in the background, I want to convey that the fashion industry is causing those damages to the environment. Climate issues are actually happening in our lives, and these need to be taken seriously and be faced positively by those working in fashion companies and their customers. Clothing is beautiful, and so is nature. While we pursue beauty in our elegant outfits, we must not forget that nature's charm also needs our protection.

Fear Fashion

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