I drew my inspiration from hearing what people usually say, “if you are using air conditioners, you are killing polar bears”. This digital painting depicts what happens while we are using air conditioners, the carbon dioxide emission from it causes global warming and impacts the polar bears. In the ice field, those polar bears lack food and feel helpless, because their homeland melts through global warming. Opposite the ice field, there is a non-descript city which incorporates the architectures from Taiwan, China, and London, because I am Taiwanese, my classmates are Chinese, and UAL is in London. Then the meaning of those lines in the middle symbolises, air conditioners blowing out the cold air to us in the summer but emitting the hot air to the ice field. In addition, there are 19 lines in the middle to represent the amount of weeks I studied at UAL. I hope this painting can make people reflect on the issue of global warming. When we are using the air conditioner, if we can turn the temperature 2 degrees higher in the summer and turn 2 degrees lower in the winter, each degree can reduce 640 grams of carbon dioxide to slow down global warming. This solution not only saves electricity and our money but also protects the polar bears and younger generations.

Polars on Ice


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