The story shows a clash of two views, hypothetically, when a civilisation is trying to enter the age of cosmic navigation and achieve freedom of interstellar navigation. Should we achieve this goal of interstellar development by squeezing the planet we are on to provide us with enough raw materials, or should we achieve the goal of interstellar development by adapting to our surroundings with more environmentally friendly practices, inventing more efficient ways of using energy, and then using this least energy intensive means to achieve the goal of interstellar development. Obviously, based on the current environmental base of our planet, the latter is more realistic, but it would also lead to more contradictions and mass incomprehension. So I have designed a story with a group of protagonists who also hold this view, and who struggle against opponents with different views while appeasing the uncomprehending masses. And this little story is just one detail of the larger world view I am describing, which concerns the marine environment and marine life.I interpreted this conflict between humans and the sea in a more fairy-tale way, as a template for my future work to express my views on environmental protection.







He can change color in different situations to deal with different enemies.

Formal dress

Many design elements are used, such as traditional dragon pattern and some functional style.


His comic style

Reflective Statement

In my creation process, I tried many animation elements such as Rockman and Digital monster. I hope this kind of expression of childhood will be more closed to the aesthetic taste of contemporary youths. I have been thinking about a problem during the production, if I choose a color, which is the best of represent the water ecology most. Therefor I chose the color of " kiln Ru ". I have collected a lot of materials on the Internet when I was making my works. Because the city I live in is not coastal, I can only use the record I took at the seaside three years ago as my research content.

When I design my work, the biggest problem is that my focus has shifted, and I spend a lot of time designing the characters instead of the content of the comic itself. Therefore, due to the lack of time, I could not draw a complete story, so I had to concentrate on the preliminary research and the scene I wanted to show most. Second, I'm not very good at modeling human body structures, but I believe that if I complete these characters, maybe more people of my generation will become interested in my stories. Also, I love to write heroic stories. As it happens, I have this opportunity, so I thought it would be interesting to explore the creative use of the heroic style from an environmental perspective. At the same time, I was also very interested in unreal creatures, so the dragon "envoy" was born. In my cartoon, the "envoy" is the representative of nature, symbolizing the irresistible force of environmental pressure, while the little hero "Shan" symbolizes the expert and scholar. "Shan " knows the natural laws behind it, but he needs everyone's cooperation to prevent the "giant beast" from colliding with us. If I could have managed my time better, perhaps I could have been more confident in presenting my work during the presentation. I didn't leave enough time to practice my English delivery and as a result I wasn't able to present at my mental best when I spoke again.

In real life, we encounter similar conflicts. Our ships, for example, often make it impossible for fish to survive in the water because of noise pollution, and huge container ships occasionally collide with whales. Mankind's exhaustion of the oceans has led to many evils: white waste pollution, a decline in the number and variety of marine life, water pollution, the list goes on and on. Through my story I hope to appeal to everyone that we must learn to live with the oceans, understand the contradictions involved, resolve them and be able to reap the rewards from them. I know that perhaps things in reality do not swim with happy endings like stories, and that achieving environmental protection in reality is often more tortuous than the process of the story. But the infinite risks that follow indulgence and profligacy are not something that humans want to take. We must stand firm in this belief, and use more efficient, energy-saving methods to enable humanity to achieve the ambitious goal of going beyond the earth to embrace the starry sea.

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