My work is called 'One Day In The Years'; my design or artistic work is set in the Jiuzhaigou landscape in Sichuan province, China. This was my first encounter with a project about the climate crisis. Initially, I had only planned to design a building to reflect the climate change of recent years, but when I looked at what I was dealing with: deforested forests, melting snow-capped mountains, and a constantly changing natural environment. I suddenly realised that I should express these phenomena in a more narrative or ironic way, so I combined my architectural project into a collection of narrative illustrations to 'tell' some stories in my way. I think it's half art and half design, or perhaps it's just an imagined design piece. I see my architecture as a design project where I have taken inspiration from the shape of the mountain to design the exterior of the building. Then I used degradable fibres to imply the melting of snow. On the other hand, my illustration collection is an artistic project, including the degradation of the building materials and the final disintegration of the structure. I think it's a much more interesting way of storytelling.

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