This project is an interactive design that based on the problem of ecological coral reefs. Through a control panel that aims to connect the relationship between human activities and climate crisis and stimulate the reflective about climate change. The important thing from this project that I discovered is how to stimulate empathy with visitors in an interactive design. I also learn that multisensory experience can enhance people’s cognition and impression of the experience to some degree. So, I tried to combine the touch, visual and sound. I am pleased with the work and believe that it is an available plan up to now.


Each of us is responsible for causing global warming. But we are already suffering the consequences of global warming because we lack the understanding of climate change. We have had more than 40 days of heat over 40 degrees this summer. It’s time to reflect.


I focus on how to present the climate changing and climate crisis, such as global warming, and the air pollution. Like these critical artworks. When I saw these beautiful corals, I cannot stop my mind. They are beautiful and have different poses. It makes me image how is the wonderful under sea world look like.

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