The world is "retreating sustainably" and the environment will be "irreversibly changed", says British scientist Lovelock. I envisage a future world in which we have a series of environmental problems brought about by the climate crisis if mankind ultimately fails to stop them. In a few thousand years, the glaciers all melt and the Earth's sea levels rise. Much of the land is submerged, but there will still be places for humans to live. Perhaps new homes are built at higher altitudes, or maybe they find a place to live underwater. But by then, the earth forms new coastlines. In the mire, people offer artificial crystal flowers in tribute to the once-melting glaciers and poles. I tried to use this ritual as a satire on the destruction of the environment by mankind. At the same time the new coastline of the earth is used to represent the fact that the earth always has a new beginning. What are we facing or about to face?

A Remembrance Ceremony

In the future, when the glaciers and the poles disappear.

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