People with depression are socially marginalized and easily overlooked. However, climate crises and extreme weather often bring more direct and intuitive adverse effects. Therefore, I hope to emphasize the impact and changes brought about by the climate crisis in the future from the perspective of patients with depression to call on people to pay attention to the climate crisis and protect the environment. In order to enhance the sensibility of the project, I designed it in the social context of the future. In the future, climate change will become more severe, extreme weather will occur more and more, and people with depression will often experience increased psychological stress and a series of adverse physical effects because of the climate. This effect is due to increased respiration resulting in lower carbon dioxide in the body, which alkalizes the blood. Therefore, I deconstructed the paper bag breathing method in modern medicine and combined it with the interaction method of blowing bubbles to design a future medical product. The product collects exhaled carbon dioxide through the interactive behavior of blowing bubbles and reuses it, thereby helping patients with depression avoid blood alkalization to alleviate the adverse effects on the body.



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