This poster is a metaphor for the feelings and consequences of human smoking, with "smoking earth" as the main image, a metaphor for the possible consequences of human neglect and indifference in the process of global warming, which is as incurable as lung cancer. It is intended to warn human beings to face up to the urgency of global warming, and development at the expense of the environment will eventually retaliate to human beings themselves.


Smoking on the side of the earth generally sighs I feel so good guys. This good has two meanings. First of all, just like us humans, we enjoy smoking very much, and also say that I am fine, and it is not a big problem. But it is slowly eroding our lungs, and when the disease is serious, people will find that they have no cure. Tropical rain forests are also the lungs of the planet, and their destruction is also the key to global warming. The initial stage of the disease is often painless. We now feel that there is no major problem with the earth. We always think that the temperature rise is normal, but when there is a real problem that we cannot solve, it may be the end of the world. The second point is that the rapid development of industry, the popularity of automobiles in every household, and people's lives are getting better and better, but these have become the price of environmental damage. So while we feel good, the state of the earth is getting worse.

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