My design is about how to solve the problem of greenhouse effect caused by food waste. Around a third of the world's fruit and vegetables are rejected for being the wrong size and shape before they even reach the shops. When food is thrown away, it slowly rots and releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, one of the main components of greenhouse gases. Thus, "saving food is also saving climate." I wanted to design an App called “SSF (Saving Special Food)”, which would collect fruits and vegetables that are destroyed due to their bad appearance before reaching the store. Inspired by online shopping apps such as "Amazon" and "Foodpanda", I want to design an app about online shopping of vegetables and fruits, because online shopping can avoid consumers' direct selection of commodities. But imperfect fruits and vegetables are not welcome, so I choose to lower their prices and make them into cheap juices and desserts to entice people to buy them. I think this is a social issue, to solve the waste of fruits and vegetables needs everyone to do their part, so I hope to attract everyone's attention through this application.

"Saving Special Food"

Saving Food is also Saving Climate

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