【VR景观】极地之火- Polar Fire Falling from the Sky(VR landscape)

我非常喜欢时间的特性,同时也喜欢两种矛盾的东西互相循环转换。当谈及到温室效应,我不可避免的想起了冰与火的结合。当人们加重工业污染和生产,臭氧层变得稀薄,太阳离我们看起来越来越近,冰川逐渐融化,融化后的雪水从天空坠落到城市的地面上,成了人们难以避免的天灾,而这一切原本起源于人祸。我们和北极动物们一样,正在逐渐失去适宜生存的家园。通过VR设备,让我们能够更加身临其境的感受到这一切的变化,体会到触动人心的惨烈景象,才能意识到若不采取行动,这一天真的会成为现实。 I am fascinated by the nature of time as well as the cyclical transformation of two conflicting things into one other. When I think of the greenhouse effect, I think of the combination of ice and fire. As people expand industrial pollution and production, the ozone layer thins, the sun gets closer to us, glaciers in the sky progressively melt, and melting snow falls from the sky onto the ground in cities, resulting in an unavoidable natural disaster that began as a human calamity. We are losing our homes, much like the Arctic creatures. The VR equipment allows us to feel the changes more deeply, to witness the heartbreaking and awful images, and to realise that if we do nothing, this day will become a reality.

【VR景观】极地之火- Polar Fire Falling from the Sky(VR landscape)

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