In my work, I want to show that under the action of greenhouse effect, glaciers and snow melt, domestic garbage and Marine garbage seriously endanger our living environment. In addition, as people in the profit-driven unlimited exploration of nature in search of resources, such as oil, will eventually open their own Pandora's box.

The climate crisis has become a common topic, but defer in-depth research, I did not really understand its impact on human beings, animals, or even the ecological balance of the whole earth. This year, the world is facing the problem of global heat, along with other extreme weather events, such as floods and insect infests, and how to mitigate and improve the climate is urgent. Some experts even predict that this will be humanity's last chance to save the planet. In my work, I want to show this phenomenon. With the climate crisis, the ecological environment of the Arctic has been destroyed, and this garbage has seriously endangered our living environment. But humanity continues to explore nature without limit, looking for more resources, and the future that awaits us is a Pandora's box of hope or nightmare.

I want to attract people's attention through my work, which is the most difficult part. Actually, I am a little anxious, because environmental problems have become very serious. Although there are many people concerned about environmental issues and many volunteers are engaged in the work of protecting the environment, but like the local people in the Amazon region, they lack such awareness or for profit, they deforestation, ignore and ignore the existing environmental problems. Even if we keep planting trees, we can't solve the problem. When I see the artwork named Ice Watch by Artist Loafer Eliasson I got some inspiration. The ice cube is arranged in the form of a clock in a square to make people feel the dangers of global warming by hugging and touching the Ice. His art work makes people confront problems. Therefore, I think that for audiences, public installation art may attract more people's attention, and they can also interact with the audience, feel the crisis of broken environmental balance, attract more people's attention to this issue, and participate in it to make some contributions to alleviate environmental problems.

However, my work is not perfect enough, there are some problems. First of all, I did not show it in a public place and record the audience's interaction with the work. If I get the chance, I think I will wrap small surprises, such as chocolate, sugar or thank-you notes in the discarded newspapers and plastic bags from people who are suffering from the climate crisis. When the audience sees this installation and picks up these "newspapers", they will receive the reward of this good deed, giving them a sense of satisfaction, which may be like an opportunity to open a door to environmental protection, to save our planet, and to find a future where man and nature live in peace. Secondly, my works only show this phenomenon very directly, and the impact is short-lived. Secondly, I think there is a lack of attraction in the form. I think in the later stage, if I continue the research of this project, I want to continue to improve it and leave a deeper impact on people.

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