I used discarded wooden strips, discarded straws and unique shadows to create my artwork - wind chimes (a symbol of peace). I wanted to use objects that pollute the climate to appeal to people to protect the environment, the materials come from our everyday lives and this way I can visually express that climate issues are relevant to our daily lives. Because many people think that protecting the environment is something that only governments can do, through policy changes and new energy development, I believe that ordinary people can also protect our climate. When I combine plastic waste in a regular sequence and shine light on it, the shadow they form is a picture of a melting glacier. At the same time, this alludes to climate issues such as warming and the melting of glaciers due to direct sunlight. This modern art decoration represents an improvement in the quality of life of human society, but the use of plastic waste as a raw material is an allusion to the impact of human activity on the natural world. The wind chimes flutter with the wind and make the sound of the wind. Through this design I hope to call on people to protect the environment and reduce the use of plastic products

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