The theme of my project is plastic waste in the ocean. Because the plastic waste in the ocean breaks down into microplastics and goes into the atmosphere, it contributes to the climate crisis. One of the most common ingredients in ocean plastic waste is plastic bottles, so they became my creative inspiration. My project is to recycle plastic bottles and create a new type of fabric that reduces the microplastics entering the atmosphere. I also made jewelry out of plastic to wear. I made an inspired version and design sketch about ocean plastic waste. I took blue elements from the sea as the main tone of the work, because blue represents the ocean. I used plastic to weave patterns of flowers because flowers represent beauty and rebirth. Sustainable fabrics can be used for clothes, or for accessories. My project has two meanings. The first meaning is that the waste plastic can bloom beautifully again like a flower. The second meaning is that the reuse of plastic waste will reduce marine waste, protect marine ecology, and make the ocean more beautiful and cleaner.

Plastic Flower



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