My installation model is made of transparent PVC panels, cloth and small light bulbs. I named my installation Tornado. Here is my artwork for a creative project on climate change in August 2022. According to my research, the greenhouse gases produced by power generation, commodity manufacturing, and deforestation..are primarily responsible for climate change. The consequent effects are higher temperatures, melting glaciers, rising sea levels and more extreme storms. I was more willing to try to make art about the weather, this inspiration came from Carla and Giles, I decided to use the storm shape as my art installation. There are industrial products (clothes), and electricity (small light bulbs). I want to take away these iconic industrial products by storm. During my model making, I used to have a hard time choosing materials. Finally,I chose the lightweight material PVC for the shape.Taking away industrial products and high energy consumption, I hope to use such an intuitive form of expression to let people face more severe weather in the future, which may naturally prevent people from continuing to destroy the earth in this way.

Tornado installation by Ziying Zhou

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