I made a silver ring that is in the form of a fish bone. The inspiration sparked in my head when I read a report online about the Ganjiang river, which upset me so much with a shocking photo of the stranded body of a fish. Evident is the fact that it was the exposure of the riverbed that should have been responsible for its death. For this reason, I was motivated to make a ring with a fish skeleton. I extracted fish bone in this picture, imitate its appearance and draw the shape of the ring in the draft. I designed every bone to be very thin, which makes it look more real. And I imprinted the French word Le Silage inside the ring, which means a feeling. Like a person comes here and left. I think that the climate crisis leaves this feeling on fish. They will likely lose their life when sleeping, eating, kissing, hugging, or at any moment. when it comes to the construction materials, I chose silver for the reason that it is not only easier to imprint, but also similar to the colour of fish. The making process is full of challenges. Fortunately, because of the encouragement from a friend, I was tightly adhered to this project and delighted to see its final result. Further and even more importantly, though, I have faith in that my works would arise people’s awareness of the climate crisis, urging them to protect the environment as quickly as possible.

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